Environmental Engineering

Phase I, II, III and site rehabilitation environmental studies, faunic, floristic and wetland analysis. These will allow you to find out more about a site's environmental passives and actives as well as help you prepare potential impacts they may have on your project.

Soil analysis and geotechnical data

Soil analysis and geotechnical data

Rigorous soil, rock and groundwater water studies to assist in the construction stages of your buildings in order to ensure the correct construction methods are used for the type of soil present.

Waste-water purification systems (SEPTIC)

Waste-water purification systems (SEPTIC)

Installation, modification and replacement of septic systems for residential, communal, commercial and industrial projects

Material Quality Control

Materials engineering (QA/QC)

Structured management of materials and their use during construction work to ensure they respect construction and layout specification put forth by architects.

Building Science

Building sciences

Property Condition Assessments of commercial and industrial buildings as well as diagnostics seeking to determining the budgetary costing and work to be done during acquisition or refinancing..