DEC Enviro offers services in material quality control to ensure that the materials used as well as their installation respect plans and estimates provided by architects and engineers who designed the infrastructures and buildings. Monitoring and on-Site quality control work significantly reduce material non-conformities causing execution delays as well as ensure the entrepreneurs, promoters and constructors that the material installations are fully conform and safe. Monitoring and quality control also allow optimizing costs and deadlines in regard to the project.

Services We Offer in Terms of Material Engineering

Soils and Aggregates

  • Borrow pit research (sampling done at the source of quarries and borrows)
  • Sampling of materials at the construction site
  • Monitoring, quality control and trials at the construction site
  • Qualitative normalized laboratory testing
  • Aggregate material approval according to specs imposed by building or road specifications
  • Petrographic analysis
  • Pyrite studies in accordance with NQ 2560-500 and 510 standards
  • Characterization of recycled materials (asphalt and crushed concrete) in accordance with the NQ 2500-600 standard


  • Sampling and analysis of concrete at the construction site
  • Qualitative testing normalized in our in-house laboratory


  • Quality control and trials at the construction site
  • Formula approval for bituminous concrete mixture
  • Qualitative testing done in a laboratory
  • Coring for fault cause evaluation