geotechnical study consists of determining the nature of underlying soil and rock as well as the conditions of local groundwater using probing techniques). This analysis allows the designer to define each element of adaptation to the ground components of his projects.

DEC Enviro will proudly assist you during this necessary and important phase so that the nature of the underground is correctly considered using soil reconnaissance techniques thus allowing them to define the best foundation system for the project with the best safety for money ratio.

Geotechnical Services Offered by DEC Enviro

  • Shallow foundations (continuous or isolated footing) and deep foundations (piles) for residential, institutional, commercial and industrial projects
  • Temporary and permanent support work (soldier pile/Berlin walls, sheet piling, underpinning) for safe excavation
  • Pile-driving
  • Stability of slopes and embankments
  • Geological study and soil research
  • Dike and support work behaviour
  • Forensic consulting expertise (Existing foundation, compaction, landslides)
  • Geological and soil analysis
  • Hydrogeological studies
  • Rock mechanics
  • Erosion control and drainage system design