DEC Enviro offers building science services which consist in determining expected capital investments during financing projects, re-financing or acquisition. Meteorological conditions (use stemming from air, water and temperature) and weather impact a building’s performance (mechanical equipment, exterior, structure and roofing). A visual inspection as well as a quick diagnostic can help owners plan building refurbishing as well as enhance building performance. The professionals at DEC Enviro all have solid experience in this domain and can provide you with practical and economic solutions as well as provide a maintenance programme on the short, medium and long-term.

Services Offered in Building Science

Physical Building Condition Evaluation (Norm ASTM E2018)

  • Roof inspection
  • Inpection of a building’s exterior (exterior walls, windows and bricks)
  • Mechanical and electric system
  • Concrete auscultation – garages and building exterior
  • Inspection of interior parking tiles
  • Analysis of presence of materials containing asbestos and mold

Waterproofing Systems

  • Expertise in roofing states
  • Monitoring of roofing work
  • Deficiency detection and repair planification
  • Plans and estimates for repairs
  • Preventive maintenance programme

Building Exteriors

  • Deficiency detection and repair planification
  • Heat loss analysis
  • Component evaluation
  • Deficiency repair estimate
  • Work monitoring
  • Quality control

Interior Parking Tiles

  • Assessment of delamination of concrete tiles
  • Assessment of corrosion potential
  • Repair planification and estimate
  • Work monitoring

Forensic Expertise

  • Technical opinion in case of lawsuit and presence in court