For more than thirty years, DEC ENVIRO’s experts have known how to properly respond to their clients’ demands within the guidelines set forth by municipal, provincial and federal authorities.

Our environmental professionals have extensive experience in real-estate, finance management and construction and have therefore allowed us to be able to adapt to the specific needs of our clients.

Services We Offer in Environmental Engineering

Environmental Studies

  • Phase I environmental site analysis, conforming with CSA Z768, ASTM E1527 and provincial/federal laws and regulations
  • Environmental site assessments of soil and/or groundwater (Phase II & III), conforming with CSA Z769, ASTM E1903 and provincial/federal laws and regulations
  • Environmental site rehabilitation through off-site management of soils and/or on-Site treatment of soils and/or contaminated groundwater.
  • Attestation of characterization studies, according to section IV.2.1 of the Quebec Environmental Quality Act (LQE)
  • Preparation of site rehabilitation plans in accordance with provincial laws and regulations
  • Scope and budgetary estimates for turnkey rehabilitation projects
  • Removal of underground storage tanks (identification, characterization and monitoring)
  • Hydrogeological studies
  • Statistical modeling of contaminant flow/migration
  • Environmental conformity verification (ECV)
  • Environmental audits of industries according to CSA Z773 and ASTM E2365E2107 standards
  • Asbestos: Registry preparation, on-site characterization and monitoring of
  • Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM)-removal work in accordance with local OSHA standards and requirements.
  • Toxicological/ecotoxicological risk assessments
  • Request of Authorization Certificates with municipal or provincial authorities
  • Characterization and classification of wastes and residual material
  • Preparation of Environmental Management Plans
  • Forensic consulting expertise: technical knowledge and court assistance

Faunic, Floristic and Wetland Studies

  • Identification, characterization and inventory of wetlands
  • Ecological characterization for real-estate development projects
  • Inventory of floristic and faunic species
  • Delimitation and characterization of wetlands : streams, ponds, lakes, marshes and bogs
  • Determination of normal high-water levels
  • Autorization requests with regulatory authorities (municipalities, regional, provincial and federal) and follow-ups with them