In the domain of environmental engineering for over 15 years, DEC Enviro’s experts know how to properly respond to their clients’ demands within the guidelines of the proper authorities.

As a team of environmental professionals with solid experience in real-estate, finance management and construction, we’ve always been able to adapt to the specific needs of our clients.

Services We Offer in Environmental Engineering

Environment Study

  • Phase I environmental site analysis, conforming with norms CSA Z768, ASTM E1527 and the Characterization Guide
  • Environmental characterization of the ground and/or of underground water (Phase II), conform to norms CSA Z769, ASTM E1903 and the Characterization Guide
  • Exhaustive environmental characterization of the ground and/or underground water (Phase III)
  • Environmental rehabilitation of the site (Phase IV)
  • Attestation of characterization studies by an MELCC-acredited attestation expert, according to section IV.2.1 of the Loi sur la Qualité de l’Environnement (LQE)
  • Creation of a rehabilitation plan and follow-up with the MELCC
  • Plan preparation and work estimates for rehabilitation work and turnkey realization
  • Removal of underground reservoirs (identification, characterization and monitoring)
  • Hydrogeological studies
  • Statistical modeling of transport and draining of contaminants
  • Environmental conformity verification (ECV)
  • Environmental audits of industries according to norms CSA Z773 and ASTM E2365, E2107
  • Asbestos: Characterization and monitoring of asbestos-removal work according to norms ASTM 2356
  • Toxicological/ecotoxilogical contamination rish study
  • Request of Autorization Certificates with municipal or provincial authorities (MELCC) according to articles 22 and 32 of the Loi sur la Qualité de l’Environnement
  • Characterization and classification of waste and residual material
  • Elaboration of environmental management plans
  • Forensic consulting expertise: technical knowledge and aid in court

Faunic, Floristic and Wetland Studies

  • Identification, characterization and inventory of wetlands
  • Ecological characterization for real-estate development projects
  • Inventory of floristic and faunic species protected by law
  • Delimitation and characterization of wetlands : streams, ponds, lakes, marshes and bogs
  • Determination of normal high-water levels
  • Autorization requests with regulatory authorities (municipalities, regional, provincial and federal) and follow-ups with them