DEC Enviro is here to aid you with your projects involving residential, municipal, commercial and industrial septic installations. We handle each of the steps required for obtaining building permits from municipalities or for the authorization certificate required by the MDDELCC for new installations, modifications or replacement of septic tanks, all according to the governments requirements.

Services Offered Regarding Septic Systems

  • Ground analysis to determine the stratigraphy and permeability of the soil
  • MDDELCC-required percolation tests
  • Preparation of all documents required for obtaining a permit for residential installations in accordance with law Q-2, R.22 (Regulation regarding the evacuation and treatment of used water for isolated residences)
  • Preparation of a request for a Certificate of Authorization for used water treatment installations according to articles 22, 32 and 48 of the Loi sur la Qualité de l’Environnement
  • Conformity inspection for domestic used water treatment facilities